Weight-Loss Tip

imagesIf you drink full-sugar soda and are wondering why you can’t lose bodyfat, look in the mirror and slap yourself! You know what?…slap yourself twice so that you won’t forget how idiotic it is to drink full-sugar sodas and expect to see results, even if you are exercising.

I have a buddy who just wouldn’t stop drinking full sugar-soda until he took a $200 bet from me that he couldn’t stop. He actually stopped drinking it, won the bet and lost 17 pounds in 9 weeks! I didn’t pay him because he lost 17 pounds and I told him he should thank me to the tune of $200 for helping him…so we are all square!

I just read an article yesterday about Pro Basketball player Caron Butler who lost 11 pounds by cutting out his daily doses of full-sugar Mountain Dew. Full-sugar sodas are nothing but sugary syrup with food coloring and bubbles with no nutritional value! They add useless calories that get stored as bodyfat. If soda adds 11 pounds of bodyfat to a pro athlete of Caron Butler’s ability and conditioning, just imagine what it does to the average person who knocks back 3 or more sodas per day!

Simply put, quit drinking full-sugar-sodas and switch to Diet soda, water, flavored sugar-free water, sugar-free drink mixes and natural juices NOT from concentrate. There is always the devil’s advocate who says “aren’t diet sodas and drinks just as bad as regular?” Answer is…NO!

Sugar is sugar and I would rather have a no-sugar soda and 10 less pounds of heart-un-healthy bodyfat than a full-sugar soda any day!  Its about common sense. Too much of anything can pose risks so if I want a bubbly drink, I almost always choose sparkling water….Sooo good! I also have a Diet Mountain Dew here and there and don’t think twice about it!

Most full-sugar sodas have around 30 grams of soda per 8 0z. Next time you have a free minute, measure out 30 grams of table sugar,  pour it on to a dinner plate and make sure you are seated so that you don’t fall to the floor in shock from how much 30 grams of sugar really is when seen in solid form. Considering most containers are now in 20 ounce sizes, you do the math. Again, make sure you are seated!

Not to be harsh but use your brain and stop drinking sugar laden drinks! Water is supreme but if you feel the need for some bubbles, try sparkling water or an ocassional diet soda.

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