Getting Started:Home Exercise Basics

I will spare you the lecture on how important it is to keep things simple when entering or re-entering the world of exercise. It is however, no secret that developing muscular strength is one of the more effective means of building a lean, conditioned physique.

Here is a list of exercises I put together for my WTHR 13 viewers in Indianapolis. It has pictures, instructions and even video of all the basic exercises you can do at home to build a foundation of basic strength. All you need is a few pair of Dumbbells and a desire to get moving…so get moving!

Female beginners start with 1 pair each of: 3lb., 5lb., 8lb. and 10lb. Dumbbells.

Male beginners Start with1 pair each of: 12lb., 15lb. 20lb. and 25lb. Dumbbells

Both Male and Female intermediates can add more weights as needed. Go Getem!

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