Fast but not Fast-Food

Staying true to your healthy eating goals can be tricky, especially with a busy schedule. There are times after a hard day of work when you just don’t feel like taking the time to prepare a meal no matter how quick it may take. The idea of even turning on one of the burners or pushing the buttons on a microwave seems like such a lame hassle!

On those days, I highly recommend that on your way home you stop off at your local grocery store and grab a ready to eat Rotisserie chicken, a ready to eat bag of romaine & baby spinach, a bottle of Newmans Own low-calorie/low-sugar salad dressing and pow…Dinner!

Its quick, healthy, fast and requires nothing but a plate and a fork. Dump the salad greens on a large plate, pull the breast off the chicken, put it on top of the salad greens, lightly add the dressing and munch! Heck, I don’t even use dressing, I just eat the chicken and salad greens then call it a night!

For dessert, you can follow it up with a cup of sugar-free/fat-free Jell-O pudding and then relax!

I then pull the rest of the lean meat (no skin or fat) from the chicken and prepare another salad with the chicken for my lunch the next day. Healthy and no guesswork! Try this, it’s awesome and you will like yourself the next morning!

Go Getem!!

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