Merry Fitness!

Friends, family, food and traditions are what make the holidays so special!

However, what REALLY makes the holidays or any time on earth so special, is having your health! With that in mind, make sure that when you plan your daily itinerary during the holidays that you include exercise on your “to do” list. Don’t make a big production of it, just get it done!

There are no secrets in fitness despite many people acting like there are. Pick an activity that you will enjoy, do it for a sustained period of time and then move on.

The problem as I see it, is that people think that fitness has to be some huge ordeal but in reality, if it is part of your life it just gets done like anything else! It is very important to understand that good health and your ability to maintain it is all about a commitment on your part to make it happen…so make it happen!

Be active, be creative, be consistent and be yourself…Go Getem!

Happy Holidays!

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