During the holiday season, there is one tv segment after another with nutritionists and fitness experts offering tips and alternatives for the various comfort foods that people consume. Yes, it is great to have options and replacements for certain foods that are just flat out bad for you but in my opinion, if fitness is truly part of your life and you are consistently exercising, enjoying treat foods during the holidays is no big deal!

If you are truly taking care of business with regard to your daily food consumption and exercise habits… enjoying foods that may not be of the highest quality or part of your normal intake won’t make too much of a dent as long as you don’t stray too far from your normal habits. “No big deal” may sound like I am underestimating some peoples inability to eat in moderation during the holiday binge period but it is time for people to start putting their big boy and big girl pants on,  start taking their health seriously and not live in a dream world where they think they can eat poor foods, perform little to no physical activity and not pay the price in terms of poor health, disease and premature death.

However, if fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is part of your list of priorities, it will get done no matter what… just like anything else in your life. When you put gas in your car, pay bills, take the kids to school or go to work, do you make a huge deal about it and pat yourself on the back  for a job well done or do you just move on and keep doing your thing? I would bet that it is the 2nd of the two scenarios and ask that you make physical activity and proper nutrition a part of that list of things you “just get done!”

You don’t have to make a big deal out of nor receive accolades for doing something you should be doing in the first place…and staying fit is part of the things you should be doing week in and week out! The trick to this is understanding that failing to exercise doesn’t yield the immediate result as if you were to fail to pick up your child or to pay your bills but there is still a stiff consequence that festers over time! Your body was literally designed to initiate, perform and maintain physical activity and without it, you put yourself in danger of many ills that are easily avoided simply by staying fit.

Don’t get caught up in replacing this or replacing that…stay active, eat healthy and do both with consistent vigor. There is no replacing the foundation that hard work and its many benefits creates…not even some comfort holiday foods! Go Getem!

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