Get down to business!

Another new year brings optimism for a better year to come, another set of goals and with regard to ones health and fitness…a new program that you have decided take on! I have seen them all come and go just weeks after inception and ask all of you who are wanting to get and stay in better shape to do less talking and take decisive action.

The key to health & fitness success isn’t the program you are on, the type of clothes you wear, who the best trainer is, the best diet, best type of equipment or anything of the sort. Success depends on your determination to make it happen! I know it sounds cliche’ but it is so true because the variables and options for success in fitness are infinite but they mean little if they aren’t supported by a determination and commitment to stay active and eat with discipline.

Forget the stupid celebrity trainer diets, the infomercial equipment, infomercial products, fancy gym memberships and start with this: Sit down and list some activities that you are interested in doing, where you can take part, available times to do so and then go do it. I have a mix of four things that I really like to do and rotate them for variation. I ride BMX bikes, snowboard, lift weights and run. Those are my top things I like to do, so I immerse myself in the numerous basics of how to be as proficient at each discipline as possible, surround myself with some folks who share the same passion and I then get to it! This isnt to say that I don’t perform other types of workouts and activities because I do, the idea is to have a main list of things that you really want to perform, mix them up for variation which will keep your body guessing. When your body is guessing it is progressing!

There is a common thread among any of the activities that you decide to perform which is “progression!” Each sport, activity or exercise has a technique and format for improving upon and mastering all that is needed to create a safe and effective experience. Start first by mastering the basic fundamentals of whatever you choose then let your natural interest and passion for the activity aid in your progression….don’t rush it! If you want to run but havent done it before or in a very long time, search out experts or people who can help you design a basic format for safely progressing from ground zero all the way to possibly running in a charity run or competitive event. Its all about your specific needs, goals and desire. Be creative and keep your specific interests in mind at all times.

Don’t let what you see on TV, in a magazine or online dictate what you take part in…that is your choice!

98% of the trainers and organizations you see spouting off some a”amazing program” or “secret to success” have one goal in mind which is to separate you from your money. You can bypass all of that nonsense by first making a commitment to put yourself, your health and your happiness at the top of your list of priorities and get down to business. You will be surprised at how fast your body, mind and soul will adapt and thrive in the new realm that you yourself have created! That my friends, is what will fuel your desire, your passions and will support a lifetime of consistent, healthy habits. Go Getem!

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