No matter what…

It is important to live up to your commitment to get fit and start doing it now! Forget the New Year’s Resolution circus and simply take care of the body you were given. Success in any arena has never been rocket science, it has always been a combination of laser focus on a goal, learning what you need to do in order to achieve that goal and the willingness to fulfill those requirements. Once you get to the point where you are “willing” to take care of business, you will ultimately…….take care of business!

I have my weekly list of activities that I rotate to keep my body guessing. No matter what the weather, I force myself to perform whatever activity my list calls for. The other day, my random list called for a run and despite the fact that it was 16 degrees outside, I put on my cold weather running gear and got that run completed and in the books! I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit but I did it for me and for the commitment I made to stay in good condition. I tell you this not for accolades but as an example of how your mindset really can help you achieve things that most people dare not to even conceive.

You may say that is easy for a fitness professional but trust me, there are just as many out of shape fitness professionals as there are ones who are in great condition. I choose to be fit for the sake of good health period. I am not a fanatic about fitness and believe that there are many levels and realms of fitness that people can travel in. The key is building a foundation of activity based on things you like to do and upon the realization that your health & fitness is the foundation that everything else in life rests upon. Get active, be creative, be consistent. Go Getem!

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