Video: Dumbbell Basics!

Extreme adventures, competitive sports, trendy workouts, bootcamps, spinning and power-pump aerobic classes are great right? Yes, if there is first a foundation of solid fitness knowledge and technique to support all that.

All too often, people of all backgrounds and interests go to the gym on their off days by themselves and have absolutely no idea about how to correctly use the equipment. First things first…it is always smart to learn the basics on how to use Dumbbells and many of the countless exercises they allow you to do. Learning how to master the many techniques, body positions and exercises supports any activity and serves as a great foundation for many other forms of training you may perform in the future.

It is great to involve yourself in numerous types of training formats but it is just as important to master the basics with equipment that has been around for centuries and will be for centuries more! Here is video with a few things to think about.

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