The Power of “YOU”

If you are looking for lasting results, it is time to face the reality that weight-loss programs, trendy workout programs, supplements and fitness gurus are all worthless without YOU!

All too often, people look outward for tips, ideas, products and other people to help them make positive changes to their eating and activity behaviors. Yes, it is very important to ask for help, use certain products and foods but it just as important to get your mind right and realize that nothing is accomplished without first being totally committed and prepared to do the consistent work necessary to actually achieve your goals.

The reason so many people fail is because they get caught up in the hype of all the products, programs and people who tout whatever they are selling as the key to success. The true key to success is YOU, your desire to get fit, involving yourself in activities that you will most likely perform on a consistent basis and your discipline to stick with your plan even on days when you are not motivated or face temptation while eating.

It is all on YOU so don’t forget YOU when looking for the help, strength and discipline needed to help you push through tough times and realize your goals. This may sound cliche’ but when you look at 99% of success stories in health, fitness & weightloss, the common thread among all the success stories is each person personally owning their plan of action, putting that plan into action on a consistent basis and never losing focus on the commitment they made to truly reach success. All the things, products, people and support are useless without your steadfast and active role in the whole process of creating positive change.

You can’t buy, obtain nor fake the commitment, discipline and consistency needed for success….you have to personally possess it, own it and exhibit those things every single day. Fitness equipment without you training on it, healthy food without you eating it and great advice without you following it are all useless!

With that in mind, get to it…Go Getem!

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