Ups and Downs

Unfortunately, many people fail to reach their fitness and wellness goals because of one thing….quitting! The reasons for this common occurrence are infinite but there is a simple way to help create a mental structure that will allow you to set the stage for consistency and success.

This mental structure comes with enlightening yourself to the fact that things arent always easy and there are ups and downs that you must push through in order to reach your goals. I know I may seem to be simplifying things a bit but you would be suprised by how many people start fitness/wellness programs thinking that just by “saying” they are going to get healthy somehow rearranges the cosmos in their favor. That my friends, couldnt be any further from the truth!

As much as we would like to think that we can hope and wish our way to healthy success, the reality is that success comes with you putting your body in motion with a determined commitment to healthy habits. That commitment paired with the realization that fitness success is not easy” but rather a “simple” process that involves embracing and accepting the fact that there will be ups, downs, hardships, lazy days, setbacks and mistakes.

I was watching a women’s Alpine Skiing race this morning and the course was one of the hardest in the world. Even at this elite level, the skiers who garnered the best results were the ones who were not deterred or intimidated by the course but rather accepted its challenges, fought through them and attacked it like it was their last day on earth.

Understanding and accepting that challenges and difficulty are just like any other part of life is a universal key to success in any arena. Expecting things to be easy and quitting when they become difficult is the universal key to failure and subpar results.

Create your plan of action, embrace the hardship as part of the journey and you will be surprised at how well your mind and body both respond and produce results never before thought possible. Go Getem!

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