Seriously…Are you freakin’ kidding me?

If things are not bad enough with regard to junk food…there are now a series of soft drink commercials touting a “Throwback” series of drinks with a retro package design and highlighting that the drinks contain “real sugar.”

Gee-Wiz…thanks soft drink companies!…just what I always wanted, the same soft drink in a different container loaded with more sugar in just 8 ounces of liquid than most people need in two days. Is it Christmas again already?…thanks guys!

All sarcasm aside, this really is ridiculous. The fact that many people (whether they are fat or thin) consume a large amount of their daily, empty calories and carbohydrates by “drinking” them in the form of sugar packed soft drinks and fruit juices from concentrate is alarming.

The obesity crisis is just that….a crisis! Just because people aren’t dying on the spot after drinking a full-sugar soft drink or eating a bag of greasy french fries doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be cause for alarm. Our nation’s top causes of death are due to poor dietary and activity habits that slowly deteriorate peoples health, quality of life and independence.

Companies playing on peoples affinity for nostalgia or “the way things used to be” with products that have without a doubt been proven to be at the root cause of the top ills of our society, is just outright irresponsible. They pump the airwaves with these messages as if full-sugar soft drinks were what made Americans well….American! What a joke!

This is similar to the irresponsibility that Beer companies exhibit by their constant efforts to associate beer with an active, healthy lifestyle…knowing all the while that they want people to sit on their butts at bars and at home and chug as much beer as they possibly can.

Don’t be fooled by this junk and stay focused on eating healthy foods, staying consistently active and making your health a true priority. When you do this, all the marketing dollars that companies spend to get you hooked on junk products will not sway or fool you in any way.

These companies could care less about you or your health, they only care about squeezing as much money out of you as they can get their hands on. It is up to you to protect your health and the best way is to do that is to personally control your activity habits and what you do and don’t consume on a consistent basis.

Is there anything wrong with an occasional, full sugar drink or beer with a friend?…No but to tout these things in a manner that suggests that they are the fabric of our society or lifestyle is a load of you know what!

Stay healthy, stay active, don’t be fooled! Go Getem!

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