Viewers of my television segments keep asking me what types of things they can use to kill their appetite. When you are very active, your appetite is the trigger to get you to consume nutrients to support that activity but no matter what your situation, whether you are a weekend warrior, someone looking for weight-loss or a professional athlete, it really comes down to you disciplining yourself to feed that appetite the foods that are needed to fuel activity and recover from it at optimum levels.

Protein Shaker Cups

One of my favorite tools is drinking a balanced protein shake 2-3 times per day. This isn’t any ordinary shake, it consists of a high quality, no sugar protein mix with almost 40 grams of protein and no fat. I balance this out with a 1/2 cup of uncooked oats or 1/4 cup of natural Oat Bran. This gives you a second to none balance of muscle building, muscle recovery protein paired with a top-level carbohydrate that is hard for your body to metabolize, thus not producing a sugar spike to your system. These quality carbohydrates also provide fuel for all of your bodily systems and activities.

The added benefit of this balance is that it really fills and lines your stomach which gives you a satisfying, full feeling for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I have one shake in between breakfast and lunch at around 9 or 10am then another after lunch at around 230-330pm. Sometimes if my schedule is tight, I may have another to replace a meal.

Many people just use protein thinking it will satisfy them but carefully measured, raw carbohydrates will really increase satisfaction and nutrient density.

Don’t waste time with blenders, this is about getting nutrients to the system wherever-whenever, not creating a frothy milkshake like mom used to buy you at your favorite fast-food restaurant when your were a kid! All you need is a can of quality protein, the raw carbohydrates I mentioned, some protein shaker cups and bottled water.

Buy a bag to carry the ingredients and take it with you wherever you go. Don’t opt for fast-food convenience just because you are too lazy to prepare your supplements. Take charge, create your convenience and head toward your goals. Go Getem!

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  1. Pat says:

    I have qualms about putting anything “powdered” into my system. I spend a lot of time and energy eating really healthy, avoiding preservatives,cooking “from scratch” etc. … so, if i want to avoid these “chemical shakes,” what can i do form a more wholefoods base? what about soy, for instance? is that a good protein base?

  2. Dave Patania says:

    I understand your qualms and there is always a way of shaping your own path to success. Soy is ok but hasn’t lived up to the hype that has pushed it into the forefront of peoples mindset that last 10-12 years. It is a good source of protein but isn’t a complete protein, meaning it doesn’t contain the complete Amino Acid Profile needed to be an Anabolic (Muscle Building) protein. A complete protein such as that of Lean Chicken/Turkey breast or Egg Whites, are Anabolic which simply means that it is utilized by the body to build/maintain lean muscle mass and also leads the way in muscle recovery from consistent exercise. Soy is a plant based protein that must be combined with other food sources to create a complete amino acid profile. A simple way to avoid the Powdered shake whether it comes from standard protein shake mixes or Soy blends is to incorporate a good mix of food based proteins. Egg Whites are one of the best sources of protein because almost 100% of it gets metabolized into the system for delivery to system for muscle building and recovery. Not all proteins are the same. Proteins are rated based on how high of a percentage gets metabolized into the system and Egg white are at the top of the list. You can make countless meals with egg whites, you can combo them with lean meats such as chicken, turkey and very lean beef….all without the use of “powdered” mixes. Go Getem!

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