You vs. Hunger

There is a common misperception that when you are consistently active, fit and eating healthy, the days of fighting hunger and the potential for over-eating are over. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Being in great shape doesn’t move the universe for you or spare you from the requirement of constantly having to discipline yourself with regard to your food intake.

I adhere to a consistent schedule of exercise that has me performing numerous sports with weightlifting, cardio training, flexibility and skill training to support those sports. All this activity requires energy and food is obviously the source of this energy. With all of this activity, my nutritional requirements are very high and I consume a lot of food to both sustain and recover from my activities. Even at this level, I must make sure that I stay disciplined because trust me, after tough training and sport sessions , I get very hungry and I must stay focused on my goals in order to make wise choices.

I choose foods that are minimally processed and nutrient dense which is great for giving me that “full” feeling, not to mention flooding my system with the highest quality nutrients needed for recovery and progression.

If you have been fighting hard to get and stay in shape, it is important to remember that the process of disciplining yourself never stops, so embrace that fact and keep doing your thing! Go Getem!

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