Any Condition!

In a park near my neighborhood,  I run into a very nice, older Russian woman almost every time I am there. Yesterday, it was about 25 degrees outside and as I ran past her I said “great day to get exercise huh?” She responded in broken yet profound english by saying “Any condition, I working” and while she said that, she raised her arm in the air to further along her proclamation!

She was not lying by any stretch because I see her all the time briskly walking around the neighborhood in very nice, almost formal clothing and high heel boots. Yes, high heel boots with a thick rubber heel and she scoots around like nobody’s business.

She doesn’t sit at home complaining about the weather, she puts a coat on and gets her daily walk completed, no matter what! It is far too easy to over-think the whole “fitness thing” but when it comes down to it, its all about action. She is living proof that those who act, reap the benefits of all that this world has to offer. She looks and I am sure by the intensity of her fist pump in the air, feels great!…All because she stays active no matter what! The world is waiting for you too….Get moving, Go Getem!

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