Third Eye and Passion

Friday night, I decided to go Snowboarding and got taken out quite severely! I happened to earn myself a severe grade concussion and a cut between my eye…or as I call it, my “third eye!” Here I am at 4 or so in the morning and finally able to sit up after being laid out in a hospital room. Wow…what a crazy experience!

Earlier, before I got to the hospital, the ski patrol guys found me in the back parking lot with no coat on and wearing two different shoes…hah! I played division I college football, raced BMX bikes for over 20 years and never hit my head that hard nor have I ever been a condition to where I had no control over my speech or actions. Scary stuff indeed!

Here I am the next day with a constant headache and my “third eye” starting to scab up! I’m not a sleeper and I literally slept all day and night with no problem. I wish I had a third eye that could have helped me avoid the crash but as we all know…fate does what it wants to do.

I feel better now and attribute much of that to my desire to get back to filming my tv segments, back out snowboarding, riding BMX and training hard! Why am I telling you all of this? Well, since I am on tv constantly telling people to fight through hardship, tough times and the process of getting in shape, I feel it is my duty to “show by example” whatever it is I articulate to others! The lesson?…make sure that you take the time to find a passion for something, someone or somewhere!

Often, it is your passion that can help fuel the motivation and strength needed to reach your goals, succeed and/or push through tough times. I am convinced that my desire to get back to doing my tv segments, boarding and riding my bike has helped me recover much more rapidly than if didn’t have this group of passions.

Here I am today with the third eye covered in ointment so the cut can heal faster and I can get back on air without scaring people with a bright red scab!

I hope this rambling blog can serve as some motivation for you to keep pushing toward your goals and using passion as fuel to do it!

Go Getem!

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