Bowerman and Me

When it comes to building a lifestyle based on consistent physical activity, It is very important to have a diverse group of activities that you can rotate from time to time to keep your body guessing, avoid boredom and reduce your chances of injury.

My main activities are multi-discipline bicycle based but I have recently added 2-3 runs per week just to mix things up. I like the fact that all I need to do is slip on a pair of my Nike Bowerman running shoes and have at it without having to pack up my bike, gear and everything else! If you are wondering…Bill Bowerman was a famous track & field coach and co-founder of Nike.

For some people, this could mean a power walk or light jog a couple days per week mixed in with some strength training and a couple group exercise classes. For others, intense 30-40 minute runs a couple times per week to offset high-intense weightlifting and to burn excess fat. Whatever your needs, just make sure that you mix up your intensities and duration so that your body has to make some sort of adaptation to a new twist that you add on each running or walking session.

Grab & Go!

Does this mean you have to become a full fledged “runner”…absolutely not, but it does mean that it is great to have the cross-training ability to perform a couple runs or power-walks out of a 7 day period that help to build/maintain your baseline conditioning, mix things up and help to metabolize bodyfat stores.

No matter what the brand of shoe, try grabbing them a couple times a week for a new and interesting twist to your training. Go Getem!

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