Shred Plan!

Winter is still belting out the cold, snowy weather but it is now time to start drafting your “Shred Plan.” A Shred Plan is my personal spin on what most people would call a plan of action that you draft during the winter to prepare your spring/ summer activities and training format. 

Draft your goals and how to achieve them!


Does this mean you have to go into great detail, plan every step you take and every morsel you put in your mouth?…yes and no depending on what you plan to achieve. The bottom line is that your plan should have one or a few overall goals you hope to accomplish this coming spring and summer, how you plan to reach those goals and what activities and intensities are needed to succeed. 

Once you create the overall scope of your plan, you can then place specifics to adhere to. Keep in mind that there doesn’t need to be a rigid scope but rather a basic outline of your goals, how you plan to attack them and to leave room for constant adjustments.  

For example, my goal this spring and summer is to race a select number of national BMX races, sneak in some late spring snowboarding out west and to learn some more tricks with my street BMX bike.  The race plan will have me constantly lifting, doing sprints on my bike, riding the BMX track and  riding my secret practice track. A weekend snowboarding somewhere out west, can serve as an active rest weekend yet it will still keep me moving, maintaining mental sharpness and I will of course, eat very clean during this time.  

Learning new tricks can come after some of my skill riding sessions which again, fit right into my overall race strategy. I am always in race mode yet my peripheral activities are all geared to enhance and add variation to my overall plan. This will keep me constantly progressing and help to avoid boredom. I have been training for so many years that I can tweak things as I go along because I have a baseline of conditioning under my belt. That is the benefit of always staying in shape. 

If you are training for a specific event that requires a very specific format of training such as a running event or distance, be sure to seek out a professional who can help you draft and activate your plan. If your goal is to simply stay fit or rotate many activities for fun, just draft an outline and adjust it as you move forward. The key is to stay consistent and to support your activities with ample sleep, recovery nutrients and healthy foods. 

Then piece the plan together and attack those goals!


When you place goals on paper, they become more real and they help to provide that spark of motivation that can often become less of a priority as time goes on. Success isn’t some obscure fantasy land that only the lucky or gifted are allowed to enjoy….it is there waiting for you to put your sights on it, sacrifice for it and then take it… Go Getem!  


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