Mistakes are Mistakes…All is not lost!

A friend of mine was upset at herself for having a a couple “bad days” of eating due to a busy few days of work. She said that she might as well just keep eating bad the rest of the week and then start fresh the next week with healthy meals. That isn’t they way to look at a healthy lifestyle my friends! Having a healthy mindset is day to day and if you have bad days of eating or miss a few workouts, just relax, move on and focus on making the next meal healthier or the next day more active.

A great example is the life of a professional Tennis player. At that level, each opponent plays at a very high level and will present any number of difficult challenges and setbacks. However, what separates the more successful players from the rest are the ones who can recover from hardship, re-focus and then raise their level of play to match the circumstances. Losing a couple points or allowing a few big plays by way of your opponent doesn’t mean you have lost the match, it just means you have to raise your level of focus, discipline, mental toughness and take care of the task at hand!

A healthy lifestyle is no different! If you have a poor quality meal or miss a day of exercise, don’t beat yourself up about it, just make the next meal healthy or the next day more active and move on. People who go in the tank because they eat bad, usually end up on a merry go round of inconsistent eating and activity patterns but those who stay focused, let the bad times come and go then push forward. Don’t throw away all you have worked for because you ate a burger or pizza when you should have eaten healthy….just move on! Rather than letting mistakes create bad habits, let these little lapses in judgement and discipline be fuel for getting better each day, each meal. Mistakes are part of life, so use them as fuel rather than a downward spiral to the realm of inactivity and junk food!

If your health is a priority and you are consistent, a few mistakes are allowed and heck, even good for you if they are kept at a minimum! When I eat something I shouldn’t have or miss a work out, I don’t think twice because I know that the next meal will be healthy and that I will definitely be getting in a tough workout to make up for a day or two that I missed.

Your body responds to and reflects what you do most consistently…so if you are exercising and eating healthy much more often than not doing so…your body and health will reflect that. Stay focused, stay consistent, stay positive!

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