Here we go again!

Once again, the madness continues with yet another “study” saying that a small amount of chocolate can be good for health. I am by no means disputing the findings but rather the study itself…who cares?!

Over the years, we have been down this road over and over again with studies finding that Chocolate is good then its bad, Coffee is good, coffee is bad and so on. The thought of smart, capable people wasting time researching and releasing findings that the media uses as topics of discussion is beyond me. Maybe these researchers should collaborate and do a study on the amount of people who actually give a hoot about whether chocolate, coffee or any other product that humans have been using for centuries is good or bad, then use those findings to hopefully motivate them and their fellow researchers to focus on more pressing issues!

How about focusing all of that scientific energy on providing information that people can use to realize that whether chocolate is good or bad means absolutely nothing when compared to adopting a common sense approach to eating and of course…making physical activity an integral part of both their priorities and everyday life!

Nothing and I mean nothing is more beneficial to the human body than doing what it was meant to do, which is to perform physical activity!

If you are a person who is taking care of business and consistently participating in any number of sports or fitness oriented activities and eat with common sense and in moderation, topics such as this are nothing but a mere secondary topic of discussion!

Press forward, eat with common sense, keep exercising and stay consistent.

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