Are you being misled?

Once again, I was doing my early morning work and caught a national morning television show doing a segment on “foods that make you feel full.” They had an attractive nutrition expert, a huge, carefully crafted display with all the trimmings and even cool graphics on the large monitor behind the display.

However, the topic is senseless, irrelevant and useless to viewers considering the sad state of affairs our country is in with regard to the deplorably low amounts of exercise that people get. Imagine if during the 9/11 Attacks President Bush had got up and spoke about education or how weak the dollar has become around the world….irrelevant compared to getting to the root cause of the attacks, who was responsible and ensuring as best he can, the safety of countless other people by putting the military on full alert etc.

An extreme analogy I know but our country is extremely out of shape and in a literal crisis with regard to the poor health of our population whether it be adults, the elderly or children.

During times of crisis, (which we truly are faced with in terms of our health) it is important to do away with the dumb stuff and focus on what needs to be done. If the goal is to help people improve their health, devoting 4 minutes of precious, national tv time to what foods make people full isn’t going to accomplish anything!

Our population lacks the knowledge of and practical know-how in terms of basic physical activity, how to start, where to start, what to perform  and everything in between. An undeniable truth is that “the human body and the majority of its systems are literally designed to initiate, perform and maintain physical activity.” With that in mind, television stations and their experts need to focus on first things first…which is to constantly teach the basics of how to safely and effectively craft a program of balanced and progressive physical activity. Reinforcing these basics on a consistent basis and how to weave physical activity into the american mindset and list of priorities is paramount.

Learning how to become physically fit isn’t any different from disciplining yourself to pay the cell phone bill, pay taxes or wake up for work in the morning. The key to success is simply staying consistent and having a clear understanding that it is absolutely possible to get and stay fit…most people don’t see that reality. Showing people that fitness is in their DNA and that all that they need to succeed is already within them is a truth that is grossly understated. If more people knew that they held the power to literally take part in the design of their own feasible, successful program based on their needs and specific situation, things would be much different.

With a lifestyle based on giving your body the physical activity it was designed to perform….which foods make you full, who lost what on those ridiculous weight-loss reality shows or what new piece of junk fitness equipment is going to “revolutionize fitness” becomes irrelevant! When someone fat, skinny, tall or short decides to get and stay fit, they do it no matter what. However, for those that haven’t come to that point, there needs to be a consistent format that they can refer to that will help them get to that point. Diets, reality shows and any other nonsense won’t do it. The first step is mastering CONSISTENT PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!

If your butt is consistently moving more than it is sitting down, you give the body no choice but to adapt to and reflect that consistency!

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