Reality Vs. Reality


I am in Seattle visiting a friend of mine and after only two days, I am having the time of my life. I am a BMX bicycle rider which calls for more short bursts of energy and a lot of skill oriented moves.  These moves aren’t as helpful to me when my buddy here in Seattle introduced me to the area with a 48 Mile road ride through the Cascade Mountain Range.

Aside from the literal pain in the butt from being in the saddle so long while riding, the sheer beauty of the area made all 48 miles a really enjoyable experience. Rolling hills, mountain passes, lush greenery, waterfalls, fresh mountain streams and of course the fresh air, was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. We capped the ride off by stopping for a few minutes at the Green River Gorge and again, the beauty of the area made every minute of energy expenditure worth its weight in gold!

While we were riding, my buddy would list the countless reasons why he loves living out here and after about an hour, he just let the scenery do the talking and it spoke to me loud and clear!

The next day brought a 7 mile run in the morning with his Triathlon buddies again and these guys were hammering out 6 minute miles like nothing and while running, they were planning their “recovery bicycle ride” later in the afternoon. I was impressed by the fitness levels of all the people around here.

My short time here has quickly forced me to re-evaluate what my concept of reality is. I am in great shape and have had a great time out here but what shocks me is the high level of baseline conditioning that many people seem to possess. People who think they aren’t active here are twice as active as people in other states. I was at a coffee shop telling the barista about the guys I was working out with and she said “oh yeah, I don’t work out that much, all I do is lift 2 times a week, run 3 times a week and ride my bike on the weekends, I’m not as serious as most people around here” I just agreed and went about my way but said to myself…”WOW!”

Don’t get me wrong, we are still in the United States and we are a country that is in a severe crisis with regard to obesity and lack of physical activity but so far, Seattle is loaded with people of all types out and about walking, running, cycling and hiking.  Almost every other car has a bike or ski rack on it and it is refreshing to be in such an active minded group of people.

The next time you think you can’t sneak in a few days of exercise per week, just think bout the many people out here that think not exercising a few times per day is being a slacker! Raise the bar my friends!

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