Do what YOU do and be happy :)

I recently reported at the Mini Marathon for WTHR’s Mini Marathon reports and while runners were running by, countless people were yelling “hey, you need to be running.” I thought it was so funny because that was the equivalent of me riding by your place of work on my bicycle and yelling…“You need to be doing this!”

I by no means take offense to stuff like that because I understand people were just trying to interact but more often than not, when I visit different fitness facilities or gyms, the trainers or owners all tell me that I “should” be doing whatever program they show us on my segments. I appreciate the offers folks but I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and prior to that spent my entire childhood racing bikes at the national level then playing college football.

These experiences and knowledge gained have helped me craft list of numerous activities/sports that are true passions of mine, not to mention great forms of physical activity that keep me in great shape. I am always open to trying new things and if an activity sparks passion in me, I will include it in my list of activities to participate in. The beauty of physical activity is that there are countless options and all you have to do is get out try new things and find out whats right for you!

However, many people tell me that I need to this and need to do that but I’m good, so just do what you do and be happy.

Its the same as being involved in a religion, finding your own sense of salvation then thinking it is your mission to help others find the same thing…

I do something similar in that I present numerous segments on the importance of physical activity that people can choose from. The difference is that I leave the choice entirely up to the individual and simply introduce different ways of activity that will keep people healthy and out of harms way in terms of preventable diseases and conditions that can easily be avoided by staying in shape. Fact of the matter is that despite what many religious proponents may say, you can’t die from not subscribing to a particular religion but you can definitely increase your chances if you don’t eat right and fail to keep your body in good physical condition!

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