Make your day with a Two-a-Day!

If you are unfamiliar with two-a-day training, maybe it is time you get acquainted! Many sports use this training technique with great success! It simply involves training twice per day….cool huh? Football, Swimming, Track & Field, Triathlon and countless other sports that require so much training and attention to detail, all incorporate this type of training to help master the many disciplines, skills and conditioning required for success. The process is normally formatted with a morning and afternoon session.

Do you have to train like a football player or Olympic sprinter to be fit? No, but you can borrow from their training structure and create a framework that allows you to get the most out of both your body and your time.

Just like every other discipline, this type of training is all about mental perspective. Think about it, if you exercise early in the morning before work or school and go about your day, by the time 2 or 3pm comes around, it will seem like you worked out the day before rather than that morning! So by 4 or 5pm, you will be shocked at how energized and ready you will be for another exercise session. Many people would say, “training like that is only for really athletic people or pro athletes” but that is nonsense because anybody can do this format!

One of the main reasons people never reach their physical potential or goals is because they grossly underestimate the potential of the human body and what it can do. People of any athletic level whether it be the Average Joe or elite athlete, are still well…Human…which means that YOU can perform far more types and levels of training than you think you can. All you have to do is simply have an open mind to the possibility of doing things that you never before thought possible!

You don’t always have to make these sessions of exercise gut busting or extremely intense, just be consistent and then vary your intensities based on your needs or how your body is feeling.

I have a buddy who is a runner and he performs two a day training 3 days per week. He runs in the early mornings 3 days per week, lifts weights on two of those days in the afternoons and the other afternoon, he attends a Yoga-for-runners class. The other two days during the week, he doesn’t do two sessions per day but rather an afternoon bicycle ride or spinning class depending on the weather.
His format is just an example of how to incorporate this style but the beauty of it is that you can tailor this training to your personal needs and schedule. If you are going to try to use the “I have no time” as an excuse I will simply say…“Don’t” because there is no excuse! History has proven that if someone decides to make their exercise, health and fitness a priority, they will MAKE the time…period!

I will not blow smoke by saying that this format will not require some adjustment on your part because it does. However, any kind of positive change requires an adjustment period. Start by doing 1 two a day session per week then the next week, try 2 two a day sessions. After 2-3 weeks, you will surprise yourself at how much more exercise you will perform, not to mention how you will improve your level of conditioning. Support this activity with clean eating and ample rest!

Get busy!

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