Get In There!

On Sunday, I went on a 25 mile bicycle ride in Ohio and did some major hill climbing. If you don’t ride bicycles, you may think I’m an awesome dude but if you are an experienced cyclist, 25 miles is nothing and you may think I’m a slacker! Either way you look at it, I had a blast learning the in’s and out’s of pacing, shifting gears, climbing hills and dealing with major leg burn!

I just started riding road-bicycles after many stubborn years of only fixating on bmx and mountain bikes! I must say that it is a treat and offers new learning experiences, a new way to train and the bonus of adding to my list of activities that I can’t afford!

My financial shortcomings equate to me having the cheapest and ugliest bicycle out of the group of people I ride with but I still have the time of my life!

I was rudely introduced to road cycling a few months ago on a trip to Seattle where my friend informed me at 6 in the morning on my first day there, that we were doing a 50 mile ride through the Cascade mountain range and surrounding countryside.

Did I want to do it? Absolutely not because road cycling never seemed like fun but since I’m the “fitness guy” the pressure was on to do the job! Just before the ride, I was not a happy camper because I was certain I was going to pass out and meet my maker on the side of the road next to a remote mountain  farm and cow poop while wearing spandex…not my ideal exit plan!

However, the raw beauty of the area and my desire to walk the walk in terms of following my own advice of getting out there and trying new things, helped me to persevere. I actually rode really well and had a great time doing it. The sore butt and wobbly legs were worth it because I thought if I derived so much enjoyment out of getting outside of my comfort zone, you can as well.

With that in mind, I highly encourage you to give cycling a try. Cycling allows you cover a lot of ground fast and for all of you who have injuries that prevent running or brisk walking, cycling is a great low-impact form of exercise. Do some research, think outside the box, grab a helmet, grab a bike, get involved, go to a bike shop and try it out. The investment will be well worth it!

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