Use your Brain!

Once again, another stupid product designed to prey on those looking for good health & fitness is here! The recent boom in sales with “fitness shoes” that promise such things as stronger backs, better posture, less Cellulite, toned thighs, firm buttocks, improved circulation, tighter abdominal muscles and firm calf muscles is a reality but at the same time a joke. They even have clinical studies to “prove” their claims!

However, guess who commissioned the studies?…yes, the company that sells the shoes and guess what comes along with these grand claims on all of their advertisements? Yep…“The Fine Print.”

On their website in small print, they tell you that the studies were commissioned by them which means that an independent study of the product and claims was not done. The small print also said that “results vary from person to person” and for the greatest results “the shoes should be worn along with a regular program of exercise and diet.” Hmm…you don’t say?

Keep in mind that this is the same type of commissioned study scam that the tobacco companies used for years which claimed that smoking tobacco wasn’t bad for your health….we know how that turned out don’t we??

Their main claim is that you can “get in shape without setting foot in a gym” but folks you can get in shape without setting your foot in these shoes!

Sorry if I sound a bit angry, I am! This is because it is almost daily that some company steps into the realm of fitness with some drummed up list of case studies and “proof” of the quality of their product when in reality they are simply aware of the fact that so many people want to get in shape and will buy whatever promises a quick fix for doing so. Therefore, these companies come up with a stupid product and try to make as much money as they can until the fad burns out like all the others and then go back to the drawing board to create another one.

I guess I should just throw in the towel and come up with a stupid product too huh? Maybe a fitness hat with a bouncing rubber fitness ball on top that when worn while exercising creates extra heat by repeatedly hitting your head and then sucks extra calories out with an invisible strip of magic, microscopic fitness particles. I’ll work on it and get back to you!

Until then, just keep in mind that aside from how darn ugly these shoes are, they are just another hyped up product geared to provide profit to a company, not provide you with the results you desire. You have have to work for results, there is no way around it and you can do so without ever having seen or used this sure to burn out, fad product. Save the money you would spend on those shoes and spend it on a session with a quality personal trainer, walking/running coach, pilates instructor or cycling coach who can design a plan of action that will progressively take you to levels of fitness never before thought possible.

Shoes don’t replace the proven means for success that include hard work, dedication, discipline, consistency, a desire to succeed and yes…Using your Brain and common sense to turn the other way when you hear claims that one product does “everything.” A product doesn’t do everything but you can, so give up on the dream of the quick fix and quickly seek a professional who can truly help you reach your goals! If that professional is wearing these shoes when you meet them…yes, run away!

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  1. Raj Donald says:


    Firstly, thank you SOOO MUCH

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