Level? What Level?

Last year, I read an article that outlined the warm up routines that some pro cyclists use before their grueling training sessions as they prepared for the Tour de France.

I was impressed with them yet disgusted with myself at the same time because their warm-up sessions were harder than any of my riding sessions, period!

I am by no means trying to compare myself with pro cyclists and I understand that those guys are the best of the best.

These guys have all the high tech training and assessment equipment, bicycles that cost more than my car and years of experience.

However, looking at the level they trained at made me re-evaluate my level of output and I then increased the intensity, variation and duration of all of my exercise activities and routines.

I am now doing two sessions of exercise per day and despite the increase in activity, am recovering and improving consistently well.

I am by no means any different than anyone else which means that you can reap the benefits of raising your level of training as well. Does this mean you have to train twice a day? No but it does mean that you can re-evaluate your activities and figure out ways to increase your level of training, consistency and even add activities based on your specific situation or needs.

Just as with other aspects of life, it is important to take time out to re-evaluate and make adjustments based on the conclusions gained from the re-evaluation.

The human body is amazing and despite how hard you work, it is always helpful to keep an eye open for ways of kicking things up a notch! You’re human, you’re  awesome, get it done!

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