Embrace the Process!

I am always looking for new sources of both information and motivation with regard to my exercise. Believe it or not, watching high level tennis matches always offers up something I can use to help take me to another level.

I was watching a Wimbledon match yesterday and noticed that these players deal with more hardship than success during their matches.

Aside from the physical demands, Tennis is a mental game and success depends on how well you can fight through hardship, how well you can constantly focus and re-focus yourself depending on what is going on at any given moment.

What is so symbolic is the fact that these players are all alone out there on the court and there is nothing or nobody there to help them but themselves. When the players dig themselves into ruts, you can see them
cursing to themselves, tossing racquets and yes, even hitting themselves! There are no shortcuts, no easy escape routes and no excuses when it comes to determining their fate.

These facts are the mirror image of you and your fitness endeavors.

While you can seek the help and company of others, you are essentially alone out there and it is up to you to take responsibility for both the plan and action with regard to your health & fitness.

Dont assume that hardship, off-days and even feeling bad are not part of the process because they most certainly are. When you look at any successful athlete or any successful person, what separates them from those who are less successful is the fact that they embrace, fight through and rise above difficult times. If you always expect instant success or feeling great, you will be unprepared for any type of hardship and then prematurely toss in the towel and quit.

Quitting happens far too often with people and their fitness endeavors. If you stay focused on your goals and view setbacks, failures and bad days as much a part of the process as all the good things, you will be  far more able to stay on track toward the levels of health & fitness that you have always imagined.

Success is waiting for you…embrace the entire process of getting there and go get it!

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