What NOT to do this Summer…or Ever!

#1. Do not wear those silly plastic sweat suits or trash bags thinking that you will “Sweat” away more pounds. I was on a bike ride yesterday and saw a couple jogging with matching blue plastic sweatsuits in 90 degree heat….are you kidding me?

People, your body sweats or releases fluids as you exercise through a natural air-conditioning process whereby sweat evaporating off the surface of the skin cools the body. When you slip on the plastic sweatsuit or trash bag, you impair your body’s ability to do what it was originally designed to do….cool your body!

You effectively lose weight by getting off your butt, consistent and progressive cardiovascular exercise, disciplined eating habits and strength training to increase and maintain lean muscle mass.

Heck, aside from how silly the darn things look, the only thing you will most likely lose is your life due to heat stroke if you continue to wear them in 90 degree heat…C’mon use your brain!

Basically, quit eating like crap, get off your butt, exercise with purpose, intensity, consistency, leave the trash bags at home, the plastic sweatsuits back in the early 80’s where they belong and grab a bottle of water instead.

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