Decisive Power!

The word “Decisive” defined is: “The power or quality of deciding” or “fully committed to achieving a goal.”

No matter which definition you choose, let it be understood that you hold this power within. On any given day, I run into people who talk fitness with me and they talk as if losing weight, getting fit or eating right is some far off, unattainable goal only reserved for those given the gift of lean muscle and thin waistlines. Not true!

Just this morning, I was watching a national morning show where they showcased someone who lost a bunch of weight. Over the years, I have noticed that in 99.9% of the introductions of these people, the anchor or reporter starts off with ” Our next guest made the decision to get fit, lose weight and eat right etc.”

With that in mind, it is evidently clear that the power behind that person’s success doesn’t lie in the diet that they used, it doesn’t lie in the protein shake they drank, it doesn’t lie in the trainer they used, it doesn’t lie in a piece of infomercial equipment or anything else but WITHIN! This is true for you as well.

There is no shortage of information on how to eat right and exercise but there is a huge shortage of people who adhere to this limitless amount of information and then make the decision to take their life, their fitness and health into their own hands and make things happen! This is due to the fact that so many people underestimate the power of saying to oneself…”enough is enough, I’m going to get active, get in shape and nothing or nobody is going to stop me!”

This isn’t restricted to fitness, it relates to everything. The separating factor between humans and any other creature in this great world of ours is the high mental capacity to literally change the reality and surroundings in which they live.

With that in mind, quit waiting for something to happen and go make it happen. Sounds too easy huh? Well….its not easy but it is very simple.

So whether you are too fat, too skinny, too out of shape or too “whatever”… doesnt matter because if you make the decision to light the fire within you to truly take charge and create change… all the knowledge, all the information, tools, equipment, trainers and everything else…becomes secondary to your will to succeed!

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