What is your genetic equalizer?

Figuring out how to unlock the body’s full potential and break through genetic barriers is a process that countless people are working to solve.

The major flaw with this process is that many people waste time by looking for answers while focusing on the same things. If you want lasting results, you have to take the time to explore different types of activities or combinations of activities that can help to unlock your body’s secret to success.

Some people can eat flawlessly and run marathons yet still not be able to attain some of the cosmetic or performance goals they have set. However, with a bit of variation based training and exploration, they can take numerous steps forward in the right direction.

My genetic equalizer is running. I have a literal lifetime of bicycle racing and riding  under my belt and have had much success. However, a goal of mine was to always be a bit leaner. Since I already trained at a high level, I knew that garnering results was going to take a bit more effort and focus to squeeze out more performance and cosmetic changes.

In addition to bmx riding, mountain biking,  road cycling, lifting weights and sprint workouts at a local track, I never really did much distance running. About a year ago, I added running to my routine and while it was a bit tough to adjust to, I finally came around and got much better at it.

After my first few months of running, people kept asking me why I stopped lifting and lost so much weight! In reality, I hadn’t lost any weight at all but rather my body composition changed and I became much leaner as a result of the addition of running. I could still do all of my activities and didn’t lose any strength in the weightroom. I am still running and mixing up my weekly routines to keep my body guessing and fighting to adapt to the variation.

For you and your endeavors, I challenge you to explore many forms of sport and activity. Who knows, maybe you already run distance and by adding cycling and sprint workouts to your routine, you will attain some of your specific goals as well. Others may find that adding two days of strength training to a cycling routine will force their body to respond in amazing ways. You get the idea right?

Ok then, get busy exploring, learning new ways of training and you will find that this process pulls your body into the realm of adaptation which is a great place to be when you are looking to improve performance and results!

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