Lazy + Exercise = Results

Yesterday, I was just not in the mood for anything active but when I am lazy and have absolutely no excuse for feeling that way, that’s when its “go time!” A buddy of mine called and wanted to go on a bike ride and since I wasn’t doing anything, I went with him and we ended up having  a great ride out in the sunshine!

In my many years in the fitness business, I have learned that if you can force yourself to get out and do something active when you are feeling lazy, you end up having a great workout. I liken it to trying to figure out why peanut butter and honey tastes good together or how all the Paris Hilton’s and Kim Kardashian’s of the world stay rich and famous despite not having even remote signs of definitive talent whatsoever….you can’t figure it out, it just is what it is! 

When I force myself to go to the gym or engage in some sort of physical activity, I always end up performing at a high level and feel even better after I’m done because I know I came close to accomplishing absolutely nothing that day due to being lazy. As you can clearly see, success in the world of fitness or any other realm is all mental, all perspective.

If you make the decision to live an active lifestyle, you can turn many situations that most people use to do nothing into an opportunity to get out, get active and to live a life that supports a lifetime of good health and activity.

Success is not always about discipline or being fanatical about fitness, it’s about having the determination to put yourself into positions that yield small successes. These small achievements help to condition your mind to provide that extra little boost that can pull you off the couch no matter how comfy it is and go do something active. Even if it is for 20 minutes, some form of exercise  is better than none.

Yes, being lazy equals results if you want it to!

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