Talk vs. Movement

Talk or action, which describes you when it comes to your health?

When it comes to your personal health, fitness and nutrition, there is too much talking going on. While everybody talks, the statistics in terms of lack of activity, obesity, type II diabetes and many other types of problems that create our country’s long list of ills and causes of death continue to rise! I don’t mean to come off as “preachy” or the voice of doom and gloom but sometimes things just have to be said.

However, shutting me up is simply a matter of you putting one foot in front of the other and getting consistent exercise. If you already consistently exercise, explore ways of diversifying or improving your current endeavors.

 As of late, I have been encountering a lot of people who are more consistent with researching and talking about getting results rather than actually getting out and garnering them. For example, I was talking to a friend and we had a long conversation about all kinds of formats and topics with regard to fitness. As we were finishing our talk, she said that she needs to actually try some of the things that she had read, researched and heard about.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a complex puzzle to figure out, it really is a simple process of starting with the basics, working your way up to higher levels of conditioning and letting the natural process of common sense paired with trial and error unfold. Are there basics to learn? Certainly but make sure that there is just as much experimentation with your body actually doing the things that you may find interesting or exciting in your “fitness research.”

I have been in the fitness industry for many years and I never take for granted the fact that there are endless amounts of training formats, philosophies and activities for me to learn about and try. The key word is “try” because without getting in the mix and trying different things, you will miss out on the many benefits that come with the process of personal exploration. I learn something new every day with my fitness research but my research has me out in the field doing rather than talking. I say this not because I think I am Mr. Awesome but because early in my fitness career, I thought that the world revolved around the weightroom, tight abdominal muscles, how much weight I could lift and making people sore when I trained them. Wow, what a narrow scope huh?

 Through a series of ah hah, moments that came from opening my mind up to new activities, sports and training techniques, I now have a long list of amazing experiences on top of new levels of conditioning to treasure and enjoy. I  am very confident you can do the same, so keep talking but just make sure you are moving too. Fitness is yours for the taking….so take it!

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