Dave’s Faves Vol.1

Here are a few of my favorite things broken up into categories for your viewing pleasure:


  • Whole Grain Brown Rice– A true superfood that naturally has a great flavor, so seasoning and additions can be kept to a minimum. Great source of slow-released energy for quality training and recovery without unwanted bodyfat.
  • Sweet Potatoes Another superfood with a great natural flavor and long list of benefits that need not be goofed up by adding sugar, butter and anything else that people add to them. A dash of cinnamon is really all that is needed from time to time, keep it simple!


  • Egg Whites- Amazing protein that metabolizes into your system close to 100% and helps you add lean muscle and recover from tough training.    
  • Bison- A great source of red meat that is more lean than chicken breast, offers more recuperative benefits for those who train hard at any discipline and it cooks really fast due to it having such low amounts of fat. The Native Americans had it right, the settlers were ignorant and stupid…America is addicted to an inferior source of meat because of this historic stupidity. Take some time to compare Beef to Bison. “Wow” is the only word that will come out of your mouth!


  • Asparagus (simple, packed with nutrients and needs very little to make it taste amazing…tad bit of olive oil, garlic, dash of salt & pepper…mmm!)
  • Broccoli- (simple, packed with nutrients and needs very little to make it taste amazing…tad bit of olive oil, garlic, dash of salt & pepper…mmm!)
  • Spinach- (simple, packed with nutrients and needs very little to make it taste amazing…tad bit of olive oil, garlic, dash of salt & pepper…mmm!)

Healthy Fats

  • Flaxseed, Primrose, Fish and Borage Oils- Look them up! All great for helping the body believe it or not…metabolize and transport other fats. You need fats to utilize fats. These oils are also great for recovery, lubricating joints and even aiding in the process of adding lean muscle. A favorite blend of mine is called EFA Gold by a company named Beverly International.

Strength Moves

  • Squats-There are obviously countless moves that I use in the gym but one I can’t do without is the Squat Movement, it is the fountain of youth!
  • Pull-Ups– Nothing like a bodyweight movement that requires no equipment yet always provides a burn and great muscular development…and I mean always!
  • Shrugs- Keeping your Trapezius muscles strong and conditioned is very important. They are present in almost every upper body movement you make yet so many people fail to train them. Don’t be “that  person”…train your traps!


  • Cycling- Mountainbiking, Road cycling, and BMX….ahhh Bicycles….can’t imagine life without them! I call them “the toys that give back”…
  • Trail Running– The wind, the leaves, the trees, the nature, the smells…sniffle… it’s a true experience! It is running without the boredom. It requires more than just a pace, it requires skill, balance, coordination and much more focus than a boring run on a busy run or bike path. The ever-changing terrain forces you to constantly adapt on the fly and adjust your pace and strides.
  • Sprint workouts at whatever local track you can find– Great way to mix up your routine and for many people, it is much more effective at burning fat rather than running mile after mile. How many fat sprinters are there? Not many at all!


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