A Lasting Lesson… Iñigo Cuesta!


41 years old and still looks like he's in his 20's, training hard pays off!

41-year-old professional cyclist from Spain, Iñigo Cuesta is currently competing in his record-setting 17th straight Vuelta a España. It is a major cycling tour that is classified as a Grand Tour, which is in the same category as the Tour de France.  He turned pro in 1994 and has been an elite cyclist ever since. With most riders retiring from the elite circuit in their 30’s,  Iñigo still powers on and is a gleaming example of what the human body can do if one stays consistent with their training, nutrition, recovery and commitment.

People fail to realize how hard it is to ride at that level of cycling. Just imagine racing the best cyclists in the world over and through mountain ranges for 100 plus miles then doing it again the very next day! Over the multiple weeks of a grand tour, riders have only a few days of rest to recover. To imagine or even witness the times and speeds that these athletes produce during these races is nothing short of amazing. For a 41-year-old to endure and conquer all of this doesn’t surprise me because there are people like him in every sport but it is still very admirable and it is the wave of the future.

With consistency, the human body can do amazing things and as more people realize this, you will start to see your favorite sports stars (and everyone else) lasting longer and longer because there has been a shift to relying less on the perception of god given ability and more on consistent training, proper nutrition and recovery practices as the key to success and longevity.

I hate to ramble on about this stuff but I think people like Iñigo deserve just as much or more praise than those athletes who get millions of dollars before they even do anything of significance, burn out and disappear! There is something to be said for consistent, high-end performance and production! That is what more people and kids need to be exposed to for motivation.

When you have time, seek out more people like him to research, learn from and emulate. Every time I watch the dude ride, it further solidifies my commitment to stay on track with all of my endeavors.

Lasting lessons indeed!

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