Pay Your Fit Bill

Time's up...Get active!

It never ceases to amaze me at how often people leave their health and wellness off of their list of priorities. I am not coming from the stereotypical fitness mindset that assumes everybody should be sweating in weight-rooms and running on treadmills. However, I am saying that when it comes to drafting lists of errands to run, bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfill, ones overall health should be at the top of each list. This is because your health and wellness really are the foundation that everything else your life rests upon. Time goes by fast and before you know it, years can go by and if you haven’t been active and eating sensibly, it will surely catch up with you! The top ills and causes of death in our country are now due to lack of physical activity and obesity which are both caused by people failing to make their health a priority.

Do you have to become a fitness king or queen? No, but you can do the basics such as a walk, run or bicycle ride every other day to at least take yourself out of the danger zone in terms of heart disease, obesity and lifestyle caused type II diabetes. There are certain things that you just have to do such as paying bills and all other things that are required in our society. However, you have responsibilities to your body as well because without good health, you have nothing.

I have heard the debates and read the statistics on how and why people don’t exercise and eat healthy more often and I say “so the heck what!”…what does that have to do with someone putting one foot in front of the other and moving their butt? It doesn’t take a highly educated or rich person to lace up the shoes and take a walk a few times a week and to stop eating junk food. I come from very modest means, am definitely not a genius and I figured it out, so will you!

Get online, read books, go to your nearest gym, go to running stores, go to bike shops or anywhere else you can find information and resources that will help you find your way into the realm of fitness. It is a realm that is inclusive to everyone and is yours for the taking, so get moving and never stop learning more and diverse ways of getting active and increasing your level of conditioning. I know I may sound preachy and out of touch but I disagree, physical activity is what your body was designed to do!

So when you are checking off things on your “to do” list, make sure that exercise is at the top of every list from now on.  If you only have time for a 20 minute walk a few times a week then fine,, that is a great start! Nothing is written in stone so as long as you are exercising on a consistent basis, you are solidifying the foundation of fitness that 90% of the population doesn’t even have! Make fitness happen, make fitness yours.

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