Are you even ready for supplements?

When looking for help on supplements make sure you really know who it is that is helping you and what their true motives are. Are these people truly passionate about helping others get healthy or are they working for a supplement store, overstocked on a product and write a blog about it to tout its benefits in order to get you to buy it?…hmmm?  I recently read a blog by some supplement shop pushing a single supplement as if heaven itself just bestowed them with the duty of spreading the word on its magical powers. Keep in mind that there are very few isolated compounds, ingredients or supplements that are the gateway to great health and performance.

With the majority of supplement consumers being somewhat vulnerable to “the next best” trend or product, it is very important for you to realize that even the best of supplements are absolutely useless without yes, you guessed it….consistent exercise, healthy eating and ample rest…Period!

No matter how much protein, amino acid compounds, amino acid combinations, fat burners or anything else you consume, you will get minimal long-term results at best without first establishing a propensity for consistently training hard and pushing yourself to levels that would even require the need for supplements. 

I have worked with countless clients for years and 9 times out of 10, their lack of results were due to shortcomings in their training and food-based meal plans, not the lack of possessing a particular supplement. Every day, there is news of a stupid study about the benefit of a particular compound and its “many” benefits. The fact of the matter is that our country’s top causes of poor health and death are attributed to people’s lack of physical exercise and poor food choices, not the lack of some designer protein or fat burner. There is a reason that with EVERY supplement you see on tv or anywhere else, you see the small print that reads: “Must be in accordance with proper diet and exercise, results not typical”

The basics of fitness such as moderation in eating and a well-rounded, consistent exercise format have always worked and they always will because the human body was literally designed to perform physical activity. Combine simple and healthy foods with that exercise and you will be in the true realm of good health. If you are new to exercise, you don’t even need to be thinking about supplements anyway because as I stated before, you must first establish a consistent routine of exercise and a baseline level of conditioning. Once established, you can strive for higher levels of training and conditioning that may then require the addition of some proven forms of supplementation. First things first!!!

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  1. MyTrainerJim says:

    Could not agree with you more Dave! Supplements are so over marketed!

    People are being tricked into thinking they need the latest supplement to look like the athletes in the ads!

    The best supplement is a good diet and a consistent exercise routine!

    1. Dave Patania says:

      Well said…the fundamental basics are timeless!

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