It’s your world….Embrace it!

Fitness is much more than what you have been force-fed on tv, the web and everywhere else. There is the all too common theme of “tough trainers” whipping really obese people into shape, gyms packed with really beautiful people, bootcamps with trainers wearing combat boots and of course the infomercial circus with companies pushing every kind of ridiculous program, gadget or diet you can think of. Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Suzanne Powter, Suzanne Sommers, Body by Jake along with Tony Little and his stupid Gazelle trainer have all come and gone, come back again and the saga continues. I was close to thinking that the world was coming to an end with Paris Hilton and even the Kardashian sisters releasing fitness videos…are you freaking kidding me? 

While this madness goes on, Obesity and lack of exercise rises out of control, so something isn’t working. Are these false prophets of fat loss in this game for the benefit of the general  public or are they in it to separate people from their money? I’ll let you decide.  

I am here to tell you that fitness is what you make it and if you fall prey to the stuff that is thrown in your face, all you end up with is a box full of unused fitness products to sell at a garage sale. It really is all about you putting one foot in front of the other and taking an active role in researching and immersing yourself into different forms of exercise that you will personally be interested in experiencing. Once truly immersed in a particular activity, you allow yourself to naturally follow and benefit from the many disciplines and rates of progression that it has to offer. There are very few areas in this great country of ours that you can’t find “real life” resources for getting fit and trying new things. For example, bicycle shops have riding groups for all levels that start and end from their shop location, running stores do the same with run/walk groups and your local gym has professionals that can help and show you how to craft a basic program of exercise to build a solid foundation.

Going online for resources is great, just make sure that you are applying what you see and read to the real world, wherever you may dwell! Don’t get caught up in thinking you can “order” good health with a credit card, you have to earn it with your body consistently being in motion. For beginners, earning good health doesn’t require you to be yelled at by some celebrity trainer on a DVD or bouncing around on a junky piece of fitness equipment you bought online.

You can walk, bike, hike, run, swim, sprint, take local yoga/pilates classes, power-walk, skateboard, rollerblade and whatever else is out there and achieve amazing things without having to buy into some overmarketed product or program. Blaze your own trail to success and forget the media fluff. Hopefully, the shows that spotlight huge people being put through the paces for tv viewers to gawk and laugh at will be gone and we can focus on content that doesn’t make a spectacle of fitness but rather presents it as an inclusive realm that anybody can thrive in with just a little effort and consistency. I am so sick of watching the TV trainer who is yelling one minute then crying the next, saying “I used to be you…I was fat, but I changed my habits and now look at me, you can do it too!”  Gag me!

I understand that people have to make a living but not at the expense of countless people who really need to first learn the basics of how to craft and implement a solid program of exercise before anything else. I have turned down numerous offers to sell-out and do infomercial projects that would have me lying to people with inflated claims with regard to particular products. I will never do it and I am currently working on an amazing “free” resource that people can use to help them master these basics….stay tuned! Until then, focus on the basics, involve yourself in activities that you truly enjoy or try ones that seem even a little interesting to you. Along the way, you will meet others willing to do the same and qualified people in your local area who really can help you reach your goals….they are out there, you just have to go find them!

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