Tis the season…

Fall weather means moderate temperatures, beautiful colors and of course football. However, what is even more exciting is that this time of year is Mountainbike season! If you have never mountainbiked before or it has been a long time since you have, I highly suggest that you get out there and enjoy its many benefits. Personally, I think it is a shame that so many people spend the entire fall season sitting on couches watching overpaid football players live their dreams when these everyday people could be out experiencing such a great sport and living the dream themselves!

Mountainbiking is often perceived as a bunch of granola-eating thrill seekers riding a bicycles in the woods with bugs, critters and god knows what else running around. I am sure there are folks like that out there but in reality, the sport of mountainbiking has a very eclectic mix of participants from all walks of life and there is a reason the sport gains popularity year after year. In a society based on offices, computer screens, video games and sterile surroundings, a sport like mountainbiking offers a refreshing break from the rat race that only nature can provide. The fresh air, the leaves, well-groomed trails, great exercise and good company all add up to getting in touch with what the human body was designed to do….perform physical activity!

Is there the possibility of taking a spill and getting dirty? Heck yes there is, you might even get muddy, get a few scrapes from passing tree branches and eat a bug or two while riding but you know what?…thats what it’s all about! Sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips in your lap and 600 empty calories from beer consumption in your belly is not going to give you experiences of a lifetime, that activity only causes you to sit on more couches, eat more chips and drink more beer. That is existing, not living. If doing nothing is your thing then so be it but I would go as far to say that more people would rather be living a more active lifestyle and getting the most out of what life has to offer. Achieving that starts with making the decision to get involved, so get involved!

A scenario I enjoy is getting up early on Saturdays or Sundays, going to pick up a couple of buddies, driving to the trails, riding for a few hours, grabbing a bite to eat THEN going somewhere to watch a football game. If you then decide to have a beer or two then so be it but at least you put 2-3 hours of activity into what I call the “Body Bank Account.” Make sure that you give your body the exercise it needs to stay strong, efficient, flexible and the ability to adapt to many different forms of physical activity. Mountainbiking helps to increase your cardiovascular endurance, coordination, reflexes, overall strength and baseline conditioning levels. 

Check with your local bicycle shop for inside tips on the best trails that suit your experience level, proper type & size of bicycle and all the gear you will need to make the experience safe and enjoyable. More often than not, your local shop can also connect you with cool riding events geared to give people an amazing introduction or re-entry into the sport. Exercise, cool people, dirt, bugs and critters…now that is living!

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