How to Go Pro…Secret Revealed!

What’s better than doing cool activities and sports? Capturing them on video of course!

These awesome little cameras can be strapped and attached to your body, bike, helmet, snowboard, wakeboard, motorcycle or whatever with surprising ease. This past winter, I was snowboarding in Utah and found it difficult to film my friends while holding a camera. Hah, the best part of the video was us crashing trying to film each other!

This is the type of setup I will be using this coming winter...Sweet!

These cameras eliminate all of that and allow you to film in full HD with full sound as well! They come in multiple configurations and the kits come complete with all kinds of attachments and accessories at great prices. The kits with waterproof cases that allow you to film in, around and near, snow or water. Just a few years ago, a camera with this amount of capability and versatility would have cost thousands of dollars. Now, for $200-300 you’re good to go with everything you need to capture anything, anywhere, anyhow!

I can’t wait for this coming snowboard season and will be posting video of the madness as soon as mother nature releases the snow!


Capturing active moments really is priceless and there is also the issue of proof! How many times have you heard all the stories from people about their exploits, feats of strength or huge fish they caught yet they had no proof? Hah, now you can prove your “awesomeness” in full HD video! Check it out:

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