Monday Motivation!

Don't be a wimp....Dig Deep!

When I played football in college, we had an amazing strength & conditioning coach who was my inspiration for getting into the fitness business. He also said some of the funniest yet profound things to me that are countless and forever memorable. I remember one day we had a lift session after a light practice and I was complaining about having to lift after practicing. He said to me “Oh yeah Dave, life is soooo hard, you’re on full scholarship, you get 4 free meals a day, free clothes, free books, the best medical care money can buy and this lift is just the representation of all that is wrong with the world huh??” 

That shut me up real quick because that little rant of his really made me think. Well, for a minute it did. Later on that week, I was complaining again and he said “Darn it, Dave Patania, If I had a nickel for every time one of you ungrateful, spoiled-rotten players took your situation and good health for granted, I would put them all in a bag and hit you in your big head with it! Your body and your health is a gift and it is all you have, so how bout you shut your mouth, grab those dumbbells and show them both some respect!”

Moral of the story? Your body really is a gift and what you do or don’t do with regard to fitness and nutrition will directly affect your quality of life now and in the future. Life is short, so handle your fit business, eat healthy and stay active at any cost because without your health, you have NOTHING. You can do this!

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