Q&A with Dave

QUESTION: I sweat a lot when I exercise and feel that I shouldn’t sweat that much. What do you think? 

 ANSWER: Sweating is simply the human body’s air conditioning system. As you exercise, your body temperature rises thus triggering your body’s sweat mechanism. As you sweat, this moisture evaporates off of the surface of the skin which in turn cools the body and lowers its core temperature. This natural process prevents your body from overheating which can obviously be very dangerous. Sweating is normal, differs from person to person and sweating a lot doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you…it means something is “right” with you!  Grab a towel and keep working hard. 

QUESTION: I took your advice from early in the summer and purchased a bicycle. I have become very fond of riding my bike, but it is now getting cold and I will miss riding. What can I do in the fall and winter months?  

ANSWER: Don’t stop riding. Fall is a great time to ride. There is nothing quite like a bike ride in the fall with the trees changing color and a cool crisp breeze. Go to your local bike shop and purchase some cold weather riding gear. You will be surprised at how warm and comfy the gear will make you feel as you ride. As for the weather, Cincinnati usually has mild winters that allow you to ride right through the cold season, except on extremely cold or snowy days. My philosophy is that if you love an activity (a healthy one that is), don’t let anything or anyone stop you from enjoying it. On days when you can’t ride outside, go to your local gym and ride a stationary bike or take a Spinning class. (This is a class that has a number of high-tech stationary bikes and an instructor to take you through a simulated bike ride.) These classes are challenging but great because you can go at your own pace. Don’t let the changing seasons stop you from getting in great shape. View the different seasons as opportunities to do different things to keep you motivated and fit!

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