Weapons of fat-“mass” Destruction

When it comes to losing and keeping off excess bodyfat, what are your weapons? The key is to have a shortlist of activities or sports that you are passionate about and you can then add a few extras to use as variation and backup.

My favorite activities are hands down, riding BMX bikes and Snowboarding. However, I supplement my passion for those sports with weekly runs, road cycling, mountain biking and of course, weight training.

This arsenal of activity provides, strength, conditioning, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, skill training and endurance for both my muscular and cardiovascular systems. I enjoy having numerous activities to choose from that will keep my body guessing, not to mention the provision of variation to avoid boredom.  

Whether you are skinny or fat, excess bodyfat is not good for you, so get lean and if you have to….get mean! Choose activities that you enjoy, choose others that balance out your training and then consistently stay involved. Good days, bad days…we all have them so embrace that and focus on giving your body what it was designed to do…perform of physical activity!

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