For Starters: Mental Meal Format

Here is a basic format to keep in mind as you begin your journey into healthy eating. Eating healthy is great but you must also be exercising…Hello, are you with me? Remember, it is all about hard work, consistency and a balanced format of nutrients to support your physical activity. Frequent meals will put your metabolism into full swing, satisfy hunger and keep your body loaded with quality nutrients for energy, strength, endurance & recovery.

 Breakfast                               Lean protein and quality carb (with veggie if possible)

 Snack (2-3 hrs later)             Protein shake/Bar

 Lunch (2-3 hrs later)             Lean protein, quality carb, veggie

 Snack (2-3 hrs later)             Protein shake/Bar

 Dinner (2-3 hrs later)            Lean protein, no carb, double veggies

 Night snack                            (Protein based-no carb, no-sugar snack)     



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