What about Fitness?…

I am very happy to see so much recent attention on education reform in our country. I understand much of it is necessary for the future success of our country with regard to competing in the global marketplace. However, what about fitness? What about Health? What about Wellness? The fact of the matter is that even if we overhaul the entire educational system, it will only be a partial success if we don’t exhibit parallel, intense focus on addressing our country’s crisis level of poor health due to lack of physical activity, obesity and poor eating habits?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit a school and aside from a disproportionate amount of obese children, were the number of obese teachers and yes, even the physical education teacher. I can’t say this is true with every school but in the many schools I have visited over the past 14 years, this is an all too common trend. The first steps start with parents, teachers, administrators and adults everywhere stepping up and lead by example…hello?

While we watch compelling documentaries on education, watching the endless banter on tv news with regard to the topic and all the TV networks coming together to help change the educational system, the health of our children and our society is forgotten.  While all of the banter continues, our country is rotting from the inside due to our population growing more sedentary and obese.

Changing these trends isn’t rocket science, it is all about making the simple knowledge base needed to get and stay fit a priority and to get that information to the public with the same sense of focus and urgency as the education crisis and its message has been delivered. It is just insane to try to overhaul an education system that doesn’t also include the basics on healthy lifestyle habits.

A healthy lifestyle will ultimately support every human being so that all the education and knowledge they gain over the years can actually be used to better themselves, their families, our society and country as a whole for as long as possible. Without good health, all of this education and progress will be drastically compromised due to poor health, low quality of life and precious time lost due to illness, injury and yes, premature death.

I don’t mean to be the voice of doom and gloom but it is what it is…without good health you have nothing. This much-needed focus on education needs to be balanced with health & fitness to fully address what is needed for long-term success of our children, educational system and our country.  What do you think?

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