Streamline Workouts to Streamline Your Body

If you are looking to shed pounds, add lean muscle and get your physique defined and refined, scale down your workouts with simple moves, focused training and nutrition to back it all up. I highly recommend that everyone belong to a gym. The whole “I can’t afford it” excuse doesn’t work considering gyms within the past few years have very reasonable pricing due to so much competition, not to mention the fact that people afford what they want to afford! I have a friend that “can’t afford” a lot of things yet somehow finds the money for countless packs of cigarettes and drinks at the bar!

Instead of wasting time in the gym with what I call peripheral movements that are a waste of time, such as doing 100 leg lifts or any number of exercises with weight that is way too light…increase your attention to detail by:

  • Choosing proven, basic movements such as Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Chest Press, Rows, Lat-Pulldowns, Shoulder Press, Biceps Curls, Triceps Extensions and perfectly performed Abdominal Crunches
  • Choose weight that is actually going to force your muscles to both adapt and grow. Goofing around with weight that is too light is wasting precious time. Choose a weight for each exercise that is heavy enough to make it very difficult to perform 10-15 repetitions yet light enough to allow proper form and technique. Each repetition should really challenge the muscle!
  • By choosing these basic movements you will get all the development, strength, definition, flexibility and muscle endurance you need without having to spend hours in the gym performing countless movements. Master the basics and stick with the basics!
  • Every so often, you can add new exercises and change-up the order and selection of exercises to avoid boredom and to keep your body guessing
  • Throw out the ego or shyness and ask a local fitness professional for a list of some basic exercises and have them show you how to perform them. You can then go out on your own, train hard and then check in with that fitness pro every so often for additional tips, exercises and instruction. Often, an on duty staff member will do this for you at low or NO cost!
  • You can also ask fitness pro’s for nutrition tips, what they use for success and where to get the food and products that fuel their results. You won’t know unless you ask, so ask then implement yourself and craft your own path to success
  • Don’t let age gender or anything else fool you into thinking that you cant achieve great results. If you hit the gym consistently and hit it hard…great things “miraculously” happen!
  • With your Cardiovascular training, decrease the actual time spent trraining with higher levels of intensity. A brisk, intense 20-25 minute session of cardio is much more effective than 40-60 minutes of unfocused cardio talking to people, waving to friends and goofing around with your iPod. Hit it hard and get it done!  

These are obviously just basic guidelines but the moral of the story is to keep things simple. In my many years in the business, I have noticed that people over think and overcomplicate their routines with too many exercises, philosophies, clutter and low intensity. Simplify, focus on the proven basics, ask for help and then consistently train hard. Match that with solid nutrition and bam!….lasting results become the norm, not some far off pipe dream!

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