Only 45? We can do better!

Bicycling magazine recently rated Indianapolis 45th in its top 50 cities for bicycling list which is awesome. Key factors in the selection process include: cities with populations over 100,000, support of a diverse bike culture, geographic diversity and a good amount of savvy bike shops.

The top city was believe it or not, is Minneapolis which rates in the top five of almost any list regarding health, fitness and activity, no matter which magazine it is! Beating out cities such as Portland, Boulder, and Seattle; Minneapolis is the real deal.

However, I feel that Indy can fare better next year considering its strong cycling community and countless places to ride. I would like to see Indy in the top 10-15. You can help by getting involved in your local community and requesting things such as defined bike lanes, municipal bike racks and even bicycle boulevards. Be creative and persistent because it can and is being done in other cities, so help to get it done in yours.  Ann Arbor, Michigan which is right next to where I grew up, came in at 14 and whenever I go back to visit, my bike comes with me because it is a blast riding in such a bike friendly area.

Craft your plan and decide what cool changes could be made to make your particular city rise on the top 50 list and then get involved. Any ideas? Let me know so we can get the discussion going. The better the rating, the better the riding…Lets roll!

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  1. Jim Warden says:


    I agree that Indy can do much better than we have. I must also say that we have improved by leaps and bounds over just the past 2 years with the addition of bikes lanes in many of the road construction projects.

    I believe the only way to get more support for bicycles is to get involved in your local cycling communities join organizations such as “People for Bikes” or specifically for Indy “Central Indiana Commuting Service”. I would encourage everyone to go to their local bike shops to get details specific to their home towns!

    1. Dave Patania says:

      Thanks Jim, well said!

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