Battle the Winter Blues!

Wow! Yesterday, I got my first winter “Blue.” You know?…that overwhelming feeling of laziness that comes when your body finally realizes that winter is almost upon us, it gets dark early and when the thought of exercising outdoors in something other than shorts and a t-shirt is hard to fathom?!!

It is important at this time to muster all the will-power and energy that you have within you and go perform a bout of exercise so that the blues don’t get a hold on you. As soon as I felt that “blue” hit me yesterday, I grabbed my iPod, my cold weather riding gear and went downtown to ride bmx as hard as I could for an hour. The brisk session acclimated my body to the early darkness, cold temperatures and helped to break any hold that the blues may have tried to put on me. No way buddy, I’m a warrior!

As soon as you feel that initial feeling of doing less due to the cold weather, immediately grab your gear and take walk or a jog, go hit the gym, ride your bike or whatever you have to do to punch that winter blue right in the nose as soon as it tries to keep you indoors and on the couch! Have you had your “winter blue moment” yet?

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  1. Michelle Mitchell says:

    yes sorry to say, but today I exercised and felt better…I was thinking maybe I had over done it exercising last time who knows. But right now I feel fantastic!!!

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