Fit Tip: The Grab & Gulp!

During the holiday season, visits to and from friends and family can lead to the consumption of extra calories!

 Before any social function, I use my time-tested holiday survival technique called the “Grab & Gulp.” During these sugar-coated days of the holidays, I always have snack sized bags of unsalted almonds and cashews on hand, bottled water and/or sugar-free drinks such as unsweetened Iced Tea. Before any social function, I “grab” and eat the almonds or cashews then “gulp” my drink to ensure that my hunger is under control. This helps me avoid making bad decisions from being caught off-guard with nothing in my stomach! Make sure that the nuts are unsalted because salty snacks make you want to eat more and more of them. I often exercise twice per day which means that I am hungry quite often. Therefore, I make sure that I always have my healthy snacks on hand so that I can manage my hunger.

Do I enjoy a treat or two during the holidays? Of course I do but I don’t binge on stuff because I go to a social function after not eating for 2 or more hours. If I haven’t eaten for many hours, it is quite hard not to snack on holiday food that is laid out before me  that doesn’t fit in with my normal eating plan. I don’t take chances and neither should you, so Grab & Gulp your way to a manageable holiday season and of course…stay active and exercise!

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