Are you a “Beast”…?

In most cases, somebody calling you a “Beast” means that you would be offended, respond with an  insult of your own and then you would be caught up in your own cheesy, reality-show catfight or sports bar brawl! However, we are talking about fitness and in the fitness world, being called a “Beast” is like being given a badge of honor. If you happen to be consistent, train at high levels, reached a high level of physical conditioning or you happen to be new to fitness yet show up every day and keep striving toward your goals etc…you my friend are a “Beast!” 

I was at the gym with my mentor the other day. We were leaving as his daughters were coming in and while we were chatting, they pointed to a lady on an exercise bike and talked about how much of a Beast she was. There was a lady standing next to us waiting for her husband to come out of the  lockeroom and she said in a soft voice; “I don’t think that is very nice to call that young lady over there a name like that.” One of the daughters politely said “oh sorry ma’am, you have it all wrong, we were actually giving her a compliment…when you call someone a beast it means that they are doing great or look great.”  The lady apologized and said “well, I guess I need to get busy so I can be called a beast!” 

If you want to tap into your inner Beast, just make the commitment this year to choose activities that you are interested in doing and then stay consistent with them! Every form of exercise or sport requires a certain amount of time to allow your body to adapt and conform, so be patient, be methodical and don’t give up just because you don’t progress from beginner to professional in 2 weeks! Are you following me?

 Success in anything requires a certain amount of consistency, attention to detail, discipline and of course determination. If you focus on proving that you can consistently stay in the game, all the rest falls into place because the human body responds to what it gets or doesn’t get on a consistent basis….end of story. The reason most people fail is due to trying to do too much too soon, inconsistency, poor technique with their specific activity and quitting.

Break the chain of poor results or failure, focus on being consistent above all else and I will have the “Beast” badge of honor waiting for you….Arrrrrrrr!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kathie says:

    I know I’M A BEAST!!!!!!

    1. Dave Patania says:

      Go Kathy go!

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