Its about the Work, not the Talk

During this annual and senseless New Years trend of fitness dreams being crafted then shattered, why not step outside of all of that nonsense and let common sense guide you? This time of year, there are news stories on TV and in the newspapers with tips, advice and outlines for “sticking” to a new years fitness resolution. Here’s a tip…forget the talking and get to walking!

It is no secret that whether it is with fitness, in the business world or life in general…success starts with someone making the hardline decision to make whatever changes or adjustments necessary for success. That process has no timetable or optimal time of year. Success in any aspect of life has a common theme which is that pivotal point when people truly decide that enough is enough and they are sick of not being where they think they need and deserve to be in life and then do EVERYTHING they have to do to reach the level of success that they envision for themselves.

The beauty of the human spirit is that when one truly decides that they are going to do what it is that they want to do, in most cases they do it…its all about putting in the work. On the flip side, when you look at people who don’t reach the levels of success they desire, it is most often due to not putting in the consistent or increased level work necessary for positive results.

With that in mind, just know that if you are truly serious about getting in better shape, losing weight, gaining weight, bench pressing 400 pounds or whatever your goal, I am sure that if you go at it 100% and consistently, there is no way you won’t take yourself to a higher level of physical and mental conditioning.

Forget the resolutions, forget the talking, forget telling people what you want and are going to do and just do it. It starts with signing up at the gym and then consistently going or walking 20 minutes today and then continuing to build on that with more time per session, more days per week and then on to other forms of exercise and so on! It starts with taking a deep breath, fighting apprehension, feelings of self-doubt and finally taking that brave step toward your goals! No more watching other people on TV or in the newspapers realize their dreams…you are no different from anybody else, so go realize your dreams, your goals and live the dream rather than being on the outside spectating. I believe you can but you have to believe as well!

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